• When/where?

    Saturday 2nd June 2018 in the St Giles function suite, Radisson Blu hotel, 80 High Street, Edinburgh.

    Situated on the historic Royal Mile this is a really stunning location for us to enjoy our reunion.

  • Itinerary

    Click on the 'Itinery' page for full details of what is being planned and don't forget to go to the 'How to book' page to choose your dinner preferences and to pay. Also, remember to share your thoughts and ideas as well!!

  • More?

    If you intend to stay overnight then click on the 'accommodation' tab for a few hotel ideas. For those not familiar with Edinburgh, there is travel information on the 'Travel' tab. The website will continue to be updated with more information.


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This website has been created to share information about HMS EDINBURGH's reunion celebrations planned for Saturday 2nd June 2018.

The key to a successful evening will be the sharing of our ideas.  If you're not happy with what is being suggested, or you have an idea of your own, then just let me know.

It's probably 30+ years since some of us last met so potentially this has the makings of a very memorable evening.  Please feel free to share this website with people who may not be aware of what's being planned.

Wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and civil partners are more than welcome to come along and join the celebrations.